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    Products Name: Y5303 Follow-Up Pilot

    JY5303-type servo steering apparatus, equipped with hydraulic steering gear for all types of ships, used to control ship course, the "follower" and "simple" two kinds of control methods, all of the implementation of dual-channel, performance, reliability manipulating flexible etc, are ideal for small and medium sized ships with.
    This device meets GB11876-89 <> and the Bureau of Shipping ships navigation equipment specifications.
    Main specified Data
    1.Power supply
    •Three-phase AC 50HZ,380V10%
    •DC ( Storage battery ) 24V+20%-25%
    2.Rudder angle limitation range: left (35) right (35)
    3.Speed of rudder movement: single unit 22.5/S,
    double units 5/S
    4.Repeat error of rudder angle ܡ0.5
    5.Rudder operation error 1
    6.Sensitivity of rudder operation: 1
    7.System insulation resistance: cold 5M, hot5M
    8.Power consumption: asingle phase, 50HZ,380V 500VA, bStorage Battery
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