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Jiujiang Zhongchuan Instrument Co.,Ltd.(441 Factory)was restructured and reorganized from Jiujiang Instrument Factory with approval from original Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense in 2006. Jiujiang Instrument Factory, the preexistence of the company, affiliated to China state shipbuilding corporation was also called 441 factory and was the state important military industrial enterprise specialized in ship steering devices in the late 1960s. In April 2009, company was restructured as a state holding limited liability corporation.

Company is located in Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province and covers an area of 178,369 square meters. Bordered by Yangtze River in the north and Lushan Mountain in the south, adjoined to the railways of Peking- Jiujiang, Wuhan- Jiujiang, Hefei - Jiujiang, Tongling- Jiujiang and the expressways of Nanchang-Jiujiang, Jiujiang-Jingdezhen, company is convenient in traffic and predominant in geographical position. Our company is the size-two large enterprise that have the R&D capacity of the products combining mechanical, electronic and hydraulic engineering and the comprehensive process capability of casting, soldering, heat treatment, electroplating, painting, Surface treatment, precision machining, electronics assembly, etc. we have advanced CNC machine and modern precise processing, testing and measurement examination equipments, have established effective quality management system, have passed the upgrade and change of the edition of GB/T19001-2008 and GJB9001B-2009, inspections and re-certification of the navy quality management system, qualification authentication of the manufacturer of weaponry successively, have received scientific research and production permit of weaponry, national level 2 confidential qualification certificate. Our metrology room is national Level 3 metrology station, possessing 11 measurement standards.

Our representative gyro compass and auto steering device for navigation equipments and system, precise hydraulic control system with Jet-pipe electro hydraulic servo valve as core component and representative environment protection system including oil-water automatic monitoring occupy important places in domestic marine automatic navigation, precision hydraulic control, petrochemical industry and environment protection industries and take the lead in domestic technique. The leading products can be classified into the following groups:
1. Navigational instruments and appliances, including steering apparatus series, gyrocompass series, gyro stabilized platform series.
2. Precision hydraulic elements and systems, including CDY electro-hydraulic Servo Valve, CSDY jet pipe electro-hydraulic servo valve, CBDY compound proportional flow valve, H/YXQ-006 hydraulic steering gear, YK hydraulic servocontrol assembly series and BDY9 electric hydraulic control actuator series and so on.
3. Environmental protection products, including oily wastewater monitoring devices such as CY-2 alarm device for bilge water and OCD explosion separation oil content meter, suspended material Separator, etc.
4. Precision electrical metering devices, including multifunction standard electric energy meter, portable calibrator for electric energy meter, three-phase calibrator for electric energy meter, calibrator for multiple meters, digital measuring instrument, power product and so forth.

Our company insists on the development strategy of ¡°emphasis both on materiel and civilian products, diverse development¡± and the quality policy of ¡°giving priority to quality, providing the best products to meet the demands of customers¡±. Company vigorously promotes scientific and technological innovation, enhances the awareness of the importance of national defense constantly, tries hard to research and produce high quality materiel to meet the demands of military. At the same time, we make full use of the advantage of military technology to research and produce the civilian products. According to statistics, one of our scientific research achievements won the first prize of important technological innovations award, six won the second prize of the important scientific and technological achievement award, eleven won the third prize of the national award for science and technology progress, many products won the national, provincial and ministerial important achievement awards. Company wins the confidence and high opinion of the masses of users with the products of the consistent quality and excellent service. With the management principle of ¡°quality first, customer highest¡±, we are keeping on providing the quality products and best service for domestic and international old and new users. Welcome warmly all clients to visit, instruct and cooperate with us.

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